We will have to accustom students and parents to this simple idea that anyone who still works in his class in 1906 as delays fifty years, and that such deadly offset for any business is equally if not more devastating to the school.

And «The Liberator School» itself speaks only words covered with a reality that it should, instead, be seized to get the most for our common cause. «We know – writes Jacques Charles in the Liberator School January 20, 1956 – the new pedagogy and particularly such methods and technologies increasingly common, aim to the same fulfillment of heart and mind.» We have at our congress to take stock of the positive and constructive realities which we can be proud. Our art exhibition to be this year an unprecedented scale, and didactic succession of our technological thirty booths will say decisively the maturity of our technology and their impact on the culture we must lay the foundation.

But in front of this positive – fully encouraging, we repeat – no less negative and oppositional side, situations, ideologies and social difficulties that put a permanent obstacle to the evolution of technology and risk even pervert and compromise in order to phase out what constitutes the essence, the spirit, to keep the form and the name, change the label and the flag to give the illusion of evolution and progress. This is to create the school, technical, social and policy favorable to our efforts we will look at in the coming days for a deep discussion in Congress the major realities we achoppons us.

25 CHILDREN: By necessity, our order 25 children per class word will be like at the crossroads of all the topics that will guide the careful consideration of our central theme: the return. Our experience of recent years proves, alas! clearly that overcrowded classrooms is enemy No. 1 not only modern technology but in any efficient and humanly valid teaching.

Once a master so active and enterprising be it is mutated in a crowded classroom or sees skyrocket its workforce, it is lost for any constructive work within our movement. He realizes himself and he regrets it. I know: traditional argue willingly, starting from this observation that modern techniques are applicable only under particularly favorable conditions of space, working and number of students tools.

We answer that in some pejorative data no teaching is valid, no more new than the old and that is to give our enemies yards to beat us to assert and believe that a teacher can accommodate safe for him and his students 35, 40, 50 or 60 children. Overcrowded classrooms the problem of premises and equipment.

We will have to accustom students and parents to this simple idea that anyone who still works in his class in 1906 as delays fifty years, and that such deadly offset for any business is equally if not more devastating to the school. Overcrowded classrooms pose an agonizing way the recruitment problem.

Technical education and learning centers will develop because parents know well that can not be improvised and specialist Professional except when it comes to treating the most delicate and most valuable material: the ‘childhood. We will, as soon as the next issue, begin our methodical campaign that will culminate in Bordeaux action talks more than ever essential.

EXAMS AND TESTS: In point 3 of our conference theme, we have, during our work day of 26 January in Lyon, studied between specialists, the problem of measuring in education. This measure is commonly done by examinations that we have continued to criticize.

Now, if there is less to say today the Certificate of Studies is now postponed to a normal age and can be prepared without excessive cramming, we are dominated by cons in our classrooms by the 6th exam, too premature, requires teachers jams that exceeds and that can only distort all educational data. This sixth review has no value for the orientation of children, teachers and psychologists inspectors of technical education, teachers 2nd degree unanimously affirm.

The only argument of some weight to maintain 10 years of the 6th exam is the need – in the side – starting at this age the study of Greek and Latin. As a result, we were unanimous in asking that either fell 10 to 12 years the age of entry to the 2nd degree, the same shift that may occur for various secondary examinations. Can be found in this issue two questionnaires, one for primary and one secondary. We ask you to fill emergency to return to FREINET, CANNES, who homework questions
will follow.

But the question was also raised of improved technical examinations by the use of tests. Let us say immediately that the personalities present were unanimous in the book too delicate questions of psychological and behavioral tests. They thought, for against that knowledge tests could be developed and used in our classrooms.

A commission, which Finelle, Montbard (Cote d’Or) is responsible will take care of this essentially practical issue and submit to the comrades a number of tests we experimentally will develop in our classrooms. Another important decision: the instigation and direction of our friend Delchet, a measuring center Freinet Techniques will be held at the Institute of Psychology of Lyon.

With the cooperation of our comrades of the Rhone and the Loire, methodical technical work will be undertaken without delay so that we can bring the encrypted evidence of the superiority of Modern Techniques on traditional techniques. The necessary adaptation of our organization and our work to the new conditions of our public school The teachers of our generation can assure you – and youth certainly are less scope – that the working conditions were changed to 80% in the past ten years include: increasing mechanization of the environment where the cultural school in surface and nervousness, overcrowded classrooms, decline of the teaching profession, Barange law, etc.

And ourselves hardly follow this inevitable development. We are even in a kind of impasse: we, for our long fellowship in the work and sacrifice, mobilized for a work exciting about 6 or 7,000 educators are large batch of our workers and our subscribers. Only we, therefore, a kind of trend, although natural, stay between us and form a closed circle which we do entrouvrons accidentally doors.

We discuss what we are interested in our language specialists, from conquests, final today, without worry about those behind us would need to leave the ba ba. The fact is much more serious than we think: every year, 1,500 teachers, moved by a commendable sense of renewal, purchase or printing limographe. Of these, only 5% grow their gesture to its natural conclusion and join us.

The others we look far not subscribe either to the educator or to La Gerbe, not encastreront their activity as part of our cooperative effort that would encourage and help. Our movement is enriched to a trickle of the vital new blood we need and, next to the cooperative learning that we strive to promote, so we will see the birth and development a kind of bastard pedagogy that we will not recognize and do not know us, pedagogy can evolve eventually into an absolutely contrary to the liberating idea that has always guided us.

It is, as we see, a matter of life or death. Our members are aware: the proof is the generous effort they make in each department to hook young people and to bring the ENS Congress. Today we must study and solve this problem, not only emotionally but technically and practically.

We can now, for the living example of thousands of schools and the exciting spectacle of our achievements, give teachers, especially young people, teaching shock that will put them on the path of curiosity and experiences. It would be enough that the teachers are brought in front of the assets of the Modern School, to say, «Maybe! If we tried! «But we must not, then, neither alienate nor let their thirst.

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